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eSATS legislative initiative designed to meet the Grand Challenge of K-12 Education in the 21st Century.

Welcome to the eSATS Website!

eSATS LogoeSATS is a volunteer non-profit advocacy task team  formed in 2003. Our goal is to transform the Arizona K-12 education system with eLearning so that over 85% of our million students graduate ready for a life rich with learning and earning. eSATS uses our entrepreneurial and engineering talents, honed in the high tech private sector, to create this statewide strategic systems redesign that focuses on individualized self-paced teacher supported student learning. Our Grand Challenge is to serve our nation as Arizona becomes the exemplar state that pioneers implementation of K-12 eLearning transformation. We invite you to check us out and ride with us on our ten year quest.

Our eLearning Vision

It is 2020. Our 20th century economy of copper, cattle, cotton, climate, citrus, construction, and crisis has been transformed to a new and sustainable high technology -- knowledge worker model. The driver was hybrid eLearning adoption in K12 education. Because of eSATS each every Arizona K12 student is succeeding at their individualized and 21st century potential.  Arizona's post-secondary education system is booming with the influx of skilled students. Successful graduates are eager to challenge themselves in Arizona's globally dominating economy. Arizona workers enjoy quality jobs and a wage average within the top quartile of states. Arizona K12 educators are now accepted as major players within the technology-knowledge based workforce. Our export driven knowledge economy is led by the success of both private and public sector high technology entities.

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Team Leader:

Theodore C. Kraver Ph.D. President   MIT, UCLA, ASU
eLearning System for Arizona Teachers and Students Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

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  • Start off with reading 2 page pioneering K8 story of the outstanding success of 1 to 1 eLearning system adoption for 1400 students starting in 1993. 
  • For a brief sketch of the Grand Challenge look at this executive summary of the eSATS design.
  • Our latest analysis, systems redesign and implementation  to transfrom a state from legacy education to hybrid eLearning.  Positioned as a Grand Challenge (WARNING - Large File) success depends on State and District/School  installing new intellecutual and physical infrastructures.  Ten year roll out includes both investments and cost savings due to early graduation and construction avoidance.  The 170+ pages are loaded with data, charts and graphs. Enjoy!


  • Download a short version presentation that illustrates how education is evolving into eLearning and the model pathway to transform your state. 
  • To see the complete picture download the current in-depth presentation of the Grand Challenge.